As I watched Anna explain her thinking as she demonstrated pages 2 and 3 for the album class I am taking, I had one of those aha moments. In the video, Anna shared her perspective on combining artsy papers with solids to create her two page spreads. When I initially created my first page, I wasn’t sure that I would be able to use it in my book considering how I built the background with an artsy paper and transfers. However, after watching the video, I realized that with a few simple changes, I could combine those old photos on the left with some I captured Friday night of Kate decorating our tree in order to create a two page spread for my book.

I created the page on the left initially as I explained in this post. To coordinate it with the page on the right, I switched out the background paper, moved the photo on the left of my husband decorating the tree down and to the left so that I would not lose any of that silly angel, deleted a couple of stains and resized the small frames. I kept part of artsy paper 2 from ArtPlay Palette Yule by using a brush on a reverse layer mask. I also replaced a photo of my granddaughter with one of my son as a boy. I think the kids will enjoy seeing their father as a boy next to his little sister.

For the right side, I used template 1 from Travel Album Template No. 2. To tie the two pages together, I placed a stain from MultiMedia Holiday No. 1 below the photo, added part of overlay 2 from ArtPlay Palette Yule and repeated the dot brush from the artplay palette as well as two different brushes from Christmas Trees No. 2.


Once I had the two sides completed, I created a composite which I used for the two 12×12 pages in the screenshot of the Lightroom book module. I still haven’t decided if I’ll use Picaboo or Blurb, but the new pages will work for both publishers.


I actually watched Anna’s video for pages 4 and 5 this afternoon and applied another idea for balancing the color with stains and elements on the right side of my page. I may not be able to keep up with Anna’s pace for creating her book, but I looking forward to watching all the videos. There is so much to learn!!