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Long Enough

Bill is very busy this morning doing his least favorite job, well maybe except for painting. I went outside too, long enough to capture these without blowing out the highlights. It would appear that even after 49 years of marriage we have a few different priorities.

Until I get my computer back, it’s hard to tell if my exposure needs to be bumped up a little more in post processing. These are straight out of the camera. That’s the disadvantage of working off my iPhone.


A Camera and iPhone

My computer is being repaired so I am finding ways to adapt with just my camera and iPhone this weekend. Except that I have to wear my glasses to see my phone’s screen clearly, it hasn’t been too bad.

Since I can’t create pages with Photoshop without my computer, I’ve been working on my photography. I thought I knew my camera well. However, as I went through a Fast Start class on my Fuji X-T2, I realized how much I still need to learn about my camera.

Today, I practiced setting a custom white balance; exposure and white balance are especially difficult with snow. I shot this inside from a window. Then I wirelessly sent it straight out of the camera to my phone. I didn’t make any adjustments to the photo with one of the programs I have on my phone. Knowing my camera better will help me improve my photography skills.

I also learned that in a pinch, I can write a blog post from my phone.

An Imperfect Photo


Each of us has a different story about learning digital scrapbooking. When I began my first digital scrapbooking class in 2010, I quickly noticed how much better the photos of others were much than mine. Then a friend told me that as my photography improved so would my scrapbook pages. While I am not by any means a professional photographer, I think she gave me great advice. Spending time studying and practicing photography while taking classes on different aspects of digital scrapbooking has made it easier for me to create scrapbook pages in Photoshop.

2016-02-10 090627

I generally begin my pages with a photo, like this one of my granddaughter as we left her class on Wednesday. I actually think she enjoyed playing in the snow with that stick more than class, but that’s another story. The dirty snow from the asphalt in the right corner was piled up and it was midday. I think my white balance is a little off and this photo doesn’t follow the rule of thirds. This is definitely not a perfect photo!

Yet, my granddaughter’s intensity with what she was doing touched me as she drew in the snow with a stick, and I knew that I could create a page about this moment in time. I didn’t need the entire photo to tell the story. When I exported it from Lightroom into Photoshop, I used the angle she was facing to determine how to position the photo in the top left corner of my 12×12 page. I began by clipping my photo to a Snowy FotoBlendz mask. Because the shape of the mask didn’t quite fit my photo, I merged the mask with an artsy stain that I stamped on another layer. The rest of this page is simply layering and blending with a digital paper and transfers from ArtPlay Palette Neige by Anna Aspnes. Knowing that I am able to take an imperfect photo to create a piece of art encourages me to continue to work on my photography because what I capture with my camera affects how I see the design of my scrapbook pages.

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