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My Dog Penny

My friend, Adryane, and I collaborated on another two page spread with some photos that I sent her via dropbox. This time she told me that the idea for a page design came almost instantly when she saw the photographs of my grandson, Corbin, reading his book to his sister, Kate. Sometimes it’s like that; someone else sees a possibility that you don’t, especially when you are hurrying, just trying to get the photos scrapped by the end of the year. It’s also a reminder to worry less about finishing a project and more about enjoying the creative process. I must say that both Adryane and I enjoyed this one.

We thought that you might enjoy seeing the products used to recreate elements from Corbin’s book cover. The grass is pieced from an element in ArtPlay Palette Moments. The sun is part of the psd layers from file 5 of MultiMedia Suns No. 1. To that Adryane added the sun rays.

On the right are frames from file 5 of Travel Album Template No. 2. I would not have thought to crop the middle photo and extract my grandson from the photo of him holding up his book, but I loved Adryane’s graphic idea.

The left is an extraction of Corbin from a photo of him at his desk and an extraction of Corbin’s dog from the book cover. We gave the dog a sticker effect. The background text from Corbin’s book is a font called Primary. The title is Child’s Play.

I found a copy of last year’s book right next to Corbin’s bed on Thursday morning. His daddy told me that he likes to read the stories. I imagine that he’s going to love this page about his book reading party at school. I’m going to tell him about how my friend Adryane and I collaborated together to create this page for him.

Back to School

Having enjoyed teaching elementary school for so many years, I looked forward to the beginning of school each year. I always thought that the mothers of the kids I taught did too. However, as a grandmother, I don’t think I could have captured a photo that better illustrates my grandchildren’s individual feelings about going back to school than the one clipped to a fotoblendz mask on the right. Times have changed, but years from now, I think they will enjoy this page.


On the first day of school, I photographed each of my three grandsons. Two weeks later I photographed Kate on her first day of preschool. I knew I wanted to extract each of my grandchildren for this page, but it took a few days of just thinking before I had an idea for a background with a school theme for the extractions rather than a background from the two different locations in which I took the photos.

I stamped a brush from Anna’s set, Old School No. 1, so that it looked like books in a bookcase on new layers above solid paper 1 from ArtPlay Palette Studious. Then I selected a mask 5 from FotoBlendz Overlays No. 9 by pressing the key command (control) and clicking on the layer thumbnail of the mask. With the marching ants still visible, I then highlighted the brush layer and clicked the add a layer mask icon. I made adjustments to my new mask with a brush from AnnaBlendz Artsy No. 3.


Often when I am photographing my grandchildren I hurry. Often there isn’t time to carefully think through exactly what I am going to do with the photos. Sometimes I forget what I previously did in the rush to capture something. I had photographed the boys at their home before dropping them off for school. On Kate’s first day of preschool, I asked her to look at me as she hopped around on my lawn so that I could take her photograph before we got into the car for the trip to school.

That one factor, the lawn, created a problem for extracting Kate’s feet. Plus, I had inadvertently cut off her left foot in one of my favorite photos with my in camera framing. After extracting each child, I solved that problem by adding a bit of grass using a layer mask so that everyone was standing on grass. I gave everyone three shadows: one custom, one color and one standard shadow to create more realistic depth.


For the right side, I combined two templates from Travel Template Album No. 2, specifically template 8 and 14 in order to accommodate the vertical photos I wanted to use. I try to make the accommodation process as simple as possible for myself by combining frames and masks rather than recreating what I need. From template 8, I placed the two vertical frames, thread and text box as well as two textures, an art stroke and stain. From template 14, I placed the two vertical frames on the right with the text box below, the fotoblendz mask, thread, textures and stains. I duplicated one of the small frames and moved it into the open space.

Note: I find it easiest to bring over the frames I want to use and group them together. Then I drag over the masks I want and the background brushes, textures and art strokes.


With the extractions and basic templates completed, I added transfer 4 from Artsy Transfers Studious behind Owen, duplicating and recoloring one of the stains. I also added brushes and transfers from ArtPlay Palette Studious below the template layers as well as a button and thread. I tucked file 3 from MultiMedia School No. 1 behind the frames but in front of the fotoblendz mask.


Yes, the extractions took a little extra time, however when combined with an opposing page that is easy using a template, I think the total effect of this two page spread will make a nice addition to this year’s book. Actually, the more I practice extracting, the better my skills are getting.


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