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Art with a Mask, an Artsy Transfer and Word Art


The wind churned the water on the beach, making the waves pile high against the rocks. I set my camera to f/22 on aperture priority in the late afternoon sunlight and waited until just the right moment to capture the spray as the waves crashed against the rocks.

There are times I really like my photos just as they come out of the camera without any special photo treatments. I loved this capture of the spray of the waves against a rock formation at Little Corona Del Mar and wanted to use it on a page. However, I wanted to ground the waves with some of the other rock formations on that beach using another photo that I captured when I zoomed back to get more of the scene.

To create this page I used the two photos above and two masks from Coastline FotoBlendz No. 1. This page came together quickly. I sized the photos to fit my page and blended them together after clipping the two photos to mask 2. I added adjustment layers to each photo copy to increase the contrast just a little.


I duplicated mask 2, moved it toward the right and then clipped and blended two more copies of the photos. Then I duplicated the mask a third time, moved it further toward the right and clipped two more photos.


To finish the photo blended scene, I placed mask 4 from Coastline FotoBlendz No. 1 below the other photo layers, clipped one more copy of the photo with the spray and blended it with a layer mask.


I placed one more copy of the photo with the rocks in the foreground at the top of the photo layers and blended back in just the foreground rocks using a inverted layer mask to make them appear heavier and darker in order to balance the the rock formation in the distance.


Next, I added sand transfers from ArtPlay Palette Beach.


Then I placed the layers from Artsy Transfer Coastline 5. Two layers of the psd transfer file are above the photo layers and the rest are below the photo and sand layers.


Finally, I added two elements from Beach WordArt Mix No. 1. I placed them between the layers of the MultiMedia Shells No. 1. In addition, I added a few splatters and two additional transfers from ArtPlay Palette Coastline.


There are times when I like the simplicity of creating a page for my photos without a feeling that I need to add a special photo treatment, times when I think that my photos are strong enough to stand on their own. At those times, combining a few masks, an artsy psd transfer and word art, allow me to easily create a blended piece of art. In some ways, these are the pages I like best!





Kate Wants a Sister

Kate played at the park with a little boy until he tried to take her sand toys home. She told me she would really like a sister because her brothers aren’t always willing to play with her. From my own experience having a twin sister, I can understand why she would like a sister. I asked her what size she would like. She said she’d prefer one as tall as she is, so I guess that rules out a baby sister. I mentioned Kate’s request to her daddy, but he said no.

2016-07-12 125739

2016-07-12 125133

2016-07-12 132124

2016-07-12 132333

2016-07-12 133824


Little Bare Feet and a Tutu


The grass isn’t green yet, but warmer temperatures and very little wind made a perfect day for us to walk up to the park this morning. I am so glad that spring is finally coming!

You wouldn’t think a girl would wear a delicate tutu to play in the sand at the park. However, Kate insisted she needed a tutu as she dressed and a hair bow too. I wondered about that as she sat down to take off her shoes, dug in the sand with a shovel she found, placed buggers made of sand in the nose of a big frog and climbed the equipment. She definitely has a style and mind of her own. Today, she looked my way several times which made it easier to capture her expressions with my camera. She’s growing up quickly; her little feet won’t be in my view finder long.

2016-03-09 113908



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