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My sister and I took the ferry across to Balboa Island in February. There were lots of beautiful boats to photograph. My favorite is the little red rowboat. Nearly 50 years ago, Bill and I had a boat, not one like any of these that I photographed at Balboa Island a few weeks ago, but a 17 foot inboard outboard for waterskiing. The hardest part of this layout was trying to blend an old photo with current photos.

Use a Template
  • Open template 6 from FotoInspired Template Pack No. 2M.
  • Drag the layers to a new blank 12×12 page.
  • Reduce the template size to 85%.
  • Adjust photos in Lightroom.
  • Clip photos to masks.
Use Artsy Transfers
  • Create composites of Artsy Transfers Sea Life, files 2 and 5 by clicking command+option+shift+E after selecting all layers of each psd file.
  • Clip each composite to mask below text and adjust position.
  • Place old photo and use blending brushes to blend it into the transfers.
Build a Cluster

Yes, that is me skiing behind our boat in the old blended photo below the text.

Balboa Island

Southern California winter mornings are so very different from my norm in Nebraska at this time of year. For example, there were no snowflakes in sight today. The beach along the pier on Balboa Island was almost deserted, only a handful of people fished from the pier, and most of the boats were moored. While we sat at a table at Ruby’s, a pinniped played in the water. I don’t think it could have been a more perfect day for a walk on the beach.

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