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Shopping and Eating

Today, Glenda and I went shopping. One place we stopped was Samy’s Camera because Glenda wants a small, uncomplicated camera that blurs the background. We found a couple of options. She made notes on her iPhone so she can do more research before actually buying.

After more shopping, we stopped at Tender Greens for lunch.

We had what they labeled a Harvest Salad with citrus and chicken on a lovely bed of real greens; no iceberg lettuce on this salad.

Today’s little treat was from See’s Candies, a store we don’t have in Nebraska. I used my macro lens for this photo. I don’t want to forget how healthy dark chocolate and almonds are for me.

I actually worked with the raw files for this post. I haven’t photographed in raw for quite a while as they generally always have to be processed. It was much quicker than I anticipated. I learned a nifty trick about Lightroom in which you shift click the whites and blacks in the develop module. It worked very well on these photos.

We’re flying up to San Francisco tomorrow to have lunch with my friend, Adryane.

A Challenge for Myself

I’ll be sharing more photography for the next week because I boarded a plane at 5:30am this morning to fly across country to celebrate my birthday with my twin sister. I have challenged myself to use primarily one lens, a 35mm focal length on my crop sensor Fuji X-T2 which is equivalent to a 50mm on a full frame camera. That focal length lens is often called a normal lens because it approximates what the human eye can see. I also brought my macro lens just in case I see any flowers.

For most of the trip this morning, all I could see were clouds until near the end of my flight. Even as we approached John Wayne Airport, the clouds were so thick I wondered how in the world the pilot would land in the rain on that notoriously short runway.

Once I arrived, Glenda and I went to her favorite place for lunch. They make the best salad dressing from white tea.

This afternoon, I went out to see what was blooming in Glenda’s garden. I think I need a steadier hand or a tripod to capture the tiny little lavender flowers.

I wasn’t going to eat this little chocolate bundt cake, but I did, everything but that little dollop of cream cheese frosting. Although I used an aperture of f/2.8, I made sure that dollop was in focus just so I would remember what I didn’t eat. Glenda and I took a walk afterwards. I think I’m going to be walking a lot this week.

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