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Happy Place

Now that the weather is warming up, Kate and I often walk to the park. With spring in full force here, this is where she wants to be: playing, climbing, sliding, swinging and jumping on the equipment. The park is Kate’s happy place and if there are other kids there, even more so because that gives her someone else with whom she can pretend and play besides me. That’s when I focus on making more photos.

There is no way that I can scrap all the photos that I capture while we are playing at the park, but I want Kate to remember how much she loved playing there. With Anna’s artsy templates, I can combine photos from several different trips to the park to create an artsy page for this year’s book telling the story of how much she loves this place. Yes, this story page will be part of another book.

After reading Ulla-May’s tutorial, Artsy Sketch Effect, I wondered if the instructions of the tutorial might work with some playground photos since I don’t have many cityscapes as recommended for this effect. However, the photos that I capture of my granddaughter Kate on the colorful playground equipment she loves so much are often bright and bold with strong lines.

Following Ulla-May’s directions to create a sketch, the screen below shows what I got with my first photo. I adjusted the opacity on a couple of layers and changed the blend mode of the color layer to hard light. Otherwise, I simply followed the directions. I created a composite of all the layers to use with the template’s mask and stains rather than drag all the layers over to a new document.

First, I dragged all the layers of template 6 from WaterColor Album Template No. 4 to the left side of a new 24×12 inch document. I replaced the fotoblendz mask with a mask from template 9 but clipped copies of the photo to stains from both template 6 and template 9 to better accommodate my photo.

I followed the same process to create an artsy sketch with two additional photos and clipped those to the fotoblendz masks of template 7 on the right side of my page.

I clipped other photos to the framed masks as provided in the templates, adjusting as needed with adjustment layers. I did not apply the sketch effect to those photos.

Finally, I added a title, a glow from MultiMedia Suns No. 2 and a scribble from ScribbleSun No. 1 to finish my page. This page is bright and cheerful, just like Kate at the park. The artsy sketches add to the fun. I’ll definitely repeat the sketch effect on another page in this year’s book.


Kate Wants a Sister

Kate played at the park with a little boy until he tried to take her sand toys home. She told me she would really like a sister because her brothers aren’t always willing to play with her. From my own experience having a twin sister, I can understand why she would like a sister. I asked her what size she would like. She said she’d prefer one as tall as she is, so I guess that rules out a baby sister. I mentioned Kate’s request to her daddy, but he said no.

2016-07-12 125739

2016-07-12 125133

2016-07-12 132124

2016-07-12 132333

2016-07-12 133824


Little Bare Feet and a Tutu


The grass isn’t green yet, but warmer temperatures and very little wind made a perfect day for us to walk up to the park this morning. I am so glad that spring is finally coming!

You wouldn’t think a girl would wear a delicate tutu to play in the sand at the park. However, Kate insisted she needed a tutu as she dressed and a hair bow too. I wondered about that as she sat down to take off her shoes, dug in the sand with a shovel she found, placed buggers made of sand in the nose of a big frog and climbed the equipment. She definitely has a style and mind of her own. Today, she looked my way several times which made it easier to capture her expressions with my camera. She’s growing up quickly; her little feet won’t be in my view finder long.

2016-03-09 113908



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