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Often, I find inspiration from a class or presentation, as I did at today’s Scrapaneers Live. While Anna didn’t get to finish sharing all twelve artsy hacks that she had prepared due to weather induced technical problems, I wanted to experiment with one strategy she shared, modifying a frame with a fotoblendz mask.


First, I placed only the frame, text box and art strokes from Artsy Layered Template No. 75 on a new blank 12×12 page. Rather than use the mask that came with the frame, I clipped my photo to the layers of file 1 from Hipster FotoBlendz No. 6 following Anna’s instructions for deleting the frame’s shadow.


Then, I added the layers from transfer 2 of Artsy Transfers To the Moon below the masked photo, recolored the pink stains and adjusted the size.


With the addition of a file from MultiMedia Moon No. 1, a button from ArtPlay Palette To The Moon and two threads from UrbanThreadz No. 10, I complete the artsy look of my page.

My journaling connects a memory of my grandson to the photo, a handy technique when you don’t have a photo of someone that exactly matches the story you want to tell.

The journaling reads: Owen often shares little snippits of science with me on the drive home from karate. Last week he was telling me about black holes. I’m sure he’s told me something about the moon’s phases, craters and gravitational influence on our tides. He’s going to shake his head in disbelief when he sees this page. It’s art, I will explain by quoting Picasso, “Everything you can imagine is real.” The moon is more than a small dot in my photo.




Love You to the Moon


After selecting a cupcake for her daddy’s birthday yesterday afternoon, Kate sat in a chair on the porch waiting for the party to start. She had put her boots on backwards and plucked a flower off my violas. I snapped some photos of her with her mischievous smile, sitting on that chair in front of bricks, part of a window and a doorway. When I saw Anna’s new MultiMedia Moons No. 1 this morning, I thought of my happy granddaughter. Some pages are just fun to create. That’s the case for this page.


The first thing I did was extract my granddaughter from the chair and background. I used the quick selection tool to outline her body before clicking on the add layer mask icon. Then I used the refine mask edge. I gave the layer two custom shadows. After adding one drop shadow, I created a new layer with just the shadow. I warped it by pressing control + t and chose skew from the pop up menu. I blurred the shadow layer. Then I gave the photo another shadow, created a new layer, warped it and moved that shadow layer to the left.

Next, I created the background by blending two copies of solid paper 2 from ArtPlay Palette To The Moon with solid paper 1 from ArtPlay Palette Wild Autumn. I changed the first copy to color blend mode at 100%. The copy above I changed to vivid light at 45%. Above those two copies, I placed solid paper 1 from ArtPlay Palette Outer Space on screen blend mode at 100%. The last paper created the starry look for the sky.


Then I placed the second psd file from MultiMedia Moon No. 1 below my photo layers. I enlarged the layers 10%. I adjusted the position of the photo, placing the photo and shadow layers above the frame and clipping another copy to the moon mask. Below the photo copy, I clipped transfer 2 and solid paper 1 from ArtPlay Palette To The Moon to the the moon’s crescent mask. I added a color overlay style to change the charm to pink and moved it to the left. I added urban thread 7 from UrbanThreadz No. 10 to tack down the charm.


To give my page more light and color, I added several glow layers from MultiMedia Stars No. 2. I changed the blend mode to linear light. The silver circles are also from MultiMedia Stars No. 2.


I added some additional white with two brushes from DifferentStrokes No. 8 and a splatter from 8×8 Artsy Layered Template Album No. 1.


To finish my page, I added two different sprinkles files, one from MagicSprinklez No. 3 and the second from MagicSprinklez No. 6 below the moon mask and shadow. I placed two copies of the word art, To The Moon WordART Mix No. 1. I recolored one white and the second pink. Then I erased the word moon on the white copy so that the pink showed. That created a visual triangle of pink on my page.

Finally, I want to thank Adryane for her inspirational page, Star Bright. Some pages really are fun to create. I can’t wait to share this one with Kate.



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