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My week in California was wonderful, definitely an inspiration for my photography. I captured these magnolia blooms on a large old tree in a friend’s backyard; what an absolutely stunning display the blooms presented. I wanted to showcase one photo with a sun flare peaking through the blooms.

I generally prefer light backgrounds for my layouts but I’ve learned not to be afraid to experiment with Anna’s designs.

Clip Photo to a Frame
  • Open file 2 from FramedMasks No. 5 and place on solid paper 1 from ArtPlay Palette Magoa.
  • Edit the photo in Lightroom before exporting it to Photoshop. Reduce the photo size and clip it to the mask.
  • Clip a larger copy of the same photo to the mask layer included in the psd file and line it up with the small photo.
Create Background for Framed Photo
  • Export a second photo of magnolias to Photoshop, a photo with a more distant perspective.
  • Add an inverted mask to the photo. Using brushes from ArtPlay Palette Magoa bring back in the right side of the photo. Using white as the foreground color reveals on a black mask.
  • Duplicate the photo and angle on the left side to create the effect of the tree. Add another inverted mask. Set the foreground color to white and use brushes from ArtPlay Palette Magoa to bring back in part of the branches.

I spent most of my time working with this photo on a white background, but it wasn’t working. I experimented.

A change in the background color made all the difference for this photo.

Merry Christmas

This photo of us sitting on our fireplace has become a tradition on Christmas. I looked back in my photo collection to find exactly when I began asking for a photo with grandchildren on Christmas. The first photo together sitting on the fireplace was in 2013. Five years seems like such a short time to me, but the photos tell the story of how much they have changed. I enjoy these little Christmas moments.

I began this page by placing solid paper 3 from ArtPlay Palette Silver Bells on a new 12×12 inch document. I changed the opacity of the paper to 80% on normal to lighten the color. I then placed transfer 4 from the artplay palette over the same image on the paper to bring the color of that part to full strength.

On the left, I placed transfers 2 and 8 from ArtPlay Palette Silver Bells to build a background for my photos.

I then placed two of the frames from ArtPlay Mini Palette Milestone above the transfers and enlarged them 25% vertically to accommodate my photos. I recreated the white frames with a 20px white stroke positioned inside the rectangular shape mask shape. I clipped the two photos to the frames and added the date each was captured.

Note: I gave the photos a black and white look in Topaz Studio.

I then placed the red heart, evergreen and word art from file 1 of MultiMedia Frames No. 5. I added a silver color overlay to the word Love at 100% on Color blend mode at 100%.

Finally, I added journaling.

I didn’t even notice until now that the kids are in about the same position this year as they were in 2013. I didn’t plan it: I just wanted to continue the tradition one more year.

Black and White for a Timeless Look


One of the first design principles that I consider when creating a page is color. I wanted to create a page with these photos of my grandchildren playing in the sprinklers on Friday, but I also know how difficult it is to work with grass green. That particular green with any additional colors in clothing often compounds the problems for creating pages.


In additional to problem solving with color, I also think about what it means to create an artistic page with color. Running in the sprinklers is a classic summer activity. I remember running in the sprinklers. My own children ran in the sprinklers as kids. Now I photograph my grandchildren playing in the sprinklers. I thought about that timelessness as I created this page. To emphasize that traditional theme of playing in the sprinklers, I decided to convert all the photographs to a timeless black and white.


Yet, I didn’t think that there was enough interest with only black and white photos on the templates. To create more interest, I added the soft greens from ArtPlay Palette Airy and recolored several LightLeaks to provide color interest. While not as high contrast as red might have been with black and white photographs, I chose the greens because they fit with the lawn setting where my grandchildren were playing. The greens I chose aren’t nearly as vibrant as the original grass green in my photographs, but I think the additional color not only provides interest but also helps tell the story artistically.

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