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One Photo and an Artsy Paper

We were out playing Pokemon Go yesterday when I saw these geese, most sitting on the ice surrounding a few swimming in an unfrozen circle of water. That geese even winter here surprises me considering how long our cold winters are, but they do. Bill stopped the car and I jumped out with my iPhone in hand. The scene was beautiful as the sun was setting, although I don’t think my snapshot did justice to the view.

In this post, I share how I enhanced the color of one iPhone snapshot before clipping it to masks in order to blend it into an artsy paper from Anna’s new ArtPlay Palette Brumal.

Enhance Photo

Drag the photo onto a new blank 12×12 document. Resize to fit the page. To enhance the photo, duplicate the original and change the blend mode to Darker Color at 100%. Then reduce the opacity of the original to 75%. Add a Levels adjustment layer, blend mode Linear Light at 30%. Add another Levels adjustment layer, blend mode Linear Burn at 50%. Place a sketch layer above all the photo layers and change the blend mode to Multiply. Mask each layer as needed to emphasize and blend the color in the photo. Note: I created a composite of the layers to clip to a second mask.

Place Masks and Recolor

Place png masks 1 and 5 from Brumal FotoBlendz No. 1 just below the original photo. Note: I recolored the masks white so that I could use darkening blend modes on my photo, i.e. Color Burn, Multiply, Linear Burn.

Clip Layers to Masks

Clip the layers of photo to mask 1 and the composite to mask 5.

Place Artsy Paper

Place artsy paper 1 on Normal blend mode below the the photo layers. To intensify the color add a duplicate copy above on Multiply blend mode at 50%. Note: The design of the artsy paper creates a natural ending transition for the masks.

Add Glows

Above the photo layers, add the FotoGlow from file 7 of MultiMedia Branches No. 7 and glow 3 of WarmGlows No. 7 to enhance the setting sun in the photo.

Journaling, Button and Threadz

Add word art from Winter WordART Mix No 2, button from ArtPlay Palette Brumal, thread 5 from ButtonThreadz No. 2, thread 4 from HandStitchez No. 1. Complete journaling.

Not every page needs to be complicated to be effective. Sometimes one photo, a couple of glows and an artsy paper are enough.
















ArtPlay Homework

While I just finished an advanced class on brushes with Anna Aspnes, I am concurrently enrolled in A Year of ArtPlay 2017. One of the assignments for the ArtPlay class was to create a page blending multiple images. This page actually reflects my learning in both classes. I am delighted that these classes build on one another.

These are four of the photos, captured in March at Lauritzen Gardens, that I blended together to create my composite.

First I began by placing artsy paper 1 from ArtPlay Palette Hygge above solid paper 1. Starting with an artsy paper made page design easier. In the layers panel, note that I used a layer mask to blend out part of the dark brown stain so that it wasn’t so dominant. I also stamped with gray on a new layer over that part and added a gray overlay on color at 100%.

Next, I placed transfer 1 above the corresponding part on the artsy paper and clipped my first photo to the transfer. I adjusted my image with levels adjustment layers, one on screen and the other overlay. Then I clipped the closeup of the plants and blended it into the shelf. It is on normal at 50% Above those layers, I placed another copy of transfer 1 on soft light at 100%. For blending, I am using a brush set that I compiled from some of my favorite AnnaBlendz Artsy brushes.

Next, I added the head of the statue, attached an inverted layer mask and brought back in just what I wanted with brushes before giving the image a drop shadow as well as a gray overlay with the styles menu.

On the right, I placed the vertical photo of the stone wall, attached an inverted mask and again used brushes to reveal parts of the photo. One of the brushes I used was brush 12 from ArtPlay Palette Hygge. I also added brush 2 to my abr file of favorite blending brushes. I adjusted the light with a screen adjustment layer and glow 5 from WarmGlows 2.

Note: For blending, I created a new .abr file with brushes from Anna’s AnnaBlendz Artsy brush sets. For my file, I selected the brushes from Anna’s blending series that were simpler in that they look like primarily one texture. I am also finding that when I load the brushes from a palette I am more likely to use them and discover new favorites to add to my favorite brush abr file.

I decided that my scene needed someone to enjoy it. I found this photo of Kate that I’d taken in January 2016 sitting in about the same spot. In a way Kate’s curls reminded me of those on the statue.

I roughly extracted her using the Quick Selection Tool on an inverted layer mask and added a shadow. I added two levels adjustment layers: the first on screen and the second on overlay. I also placed another copy of the closeup photo of the plants, blending out the edges on a layer mask as needed.

Finally, I placed the layers of file 5 from MultiMedia Hygge No. 1 on the right below Kate in the layers panel. I added a phrase in the heart with the type tool. On the left, I created a cluster with a button from ArtPlay MiniPalette Cherish, a leaf that I copied from the multimedia file and thread 3 from ButtonThreadz No. 2. I am hoping that with the gray button and the gray moss in my photo that I’ve picked up enough gray. I also placed four glows to correct the color and simulate the light above my granddaughter.

Do I like it? Yes. I especially like how much what I have learned about working with brushes shows in this layout. It’s hard to see the texture in these screen shots. While this won’t go in this year’s book, I am going to put it in an album after printing.

One Photo and Mini ArtPlay Palette

There really isn’t anything quite like a new camera to move me to venture outdoors in cold weather as I’m not a fan of the cold. 2016-11-23-145935-editHowever, I traded in my old camera body for an updated body this past weekend and just had to test it in the field. I must say this camera is much snappier in speed with a better focusing system. The new menu organization is clearer and having a joystick now for moving the focus point is fabulous. The image quality is excellent. 2016-11-19-151611The photo on the right is straight out of the camera. For me, the small size of a Fuji X-T2 mirrorless APS-C camera is perfect. In celebration of my new equipment I created a scrapbook page with one of my first photos with the new camera. I was going to write “my new toy”, but that didn’t sound even remotely reflective of how serious I view my role as an amateur photographer.

I have been focused on creating pages for a book with most of the photos that I capture. However, I do enjoy creating artsy pages too.


I began this page with a beautiful paper from a mini palette that Anna will be offering free with a $10 purchase this weekend, artsy paper 2 from ArtPlay MiniPalette Opacus. I duplicated the original paper which I had set on normal blend mode and changed  that copy to multiply at 25%. That added just a bit more intensity to the color.


Next, I used the paper as a mask and blended my photo into the paper using a layer mask and brush 12 from AnnaBlendz Artsy No. 3. Anna’s artsy brushes add texture that I cannot get with a soft round brush. I changed the blend mode to linear burn allowing the texture of the paper to bleed through the photo. I duplicated that photo and applied a filter with Topaz Simplify before changing the blend mode to normal at 25%. I pieced a second photo below just enough to extend the grass to the texture border of the paper. Basically, the entire paper is the mask for my photo.


For interest, I added the layers of psd file 3 from MultiMedia Branches No. 8. I warped the branch and shadow with the warp tool to fit the texture line in the paper. I also switched out the button and added the string and blue bow from the mini palette. I also stamped a camera brush from ArtsyCameras No. 3 and placed it at the bottom of the multimedia branch layers. With the pen tool, I created a line to follow the paper’s line and added my text.


I don’t often have pages that come together so quickly. In this case, I think limiting myself to an artsy paper, a photo, one art play palette and psd multimedia file really helped speed my process.

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