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  1. Kay Gregory-Clark

    I love the photos (makes me hungry, though!) and layout. I’m curious—where on earth do you order fresh produce from? It sounds like you do pick it up? I’d have a hard time letting someone else select it for me, even if this were a possibility. I live in a very rural area, far from any grocery store. My husband did our last shopping in-store and said only about one in 10 shoppers wore masks and there was NO social distancing. (Employees did have them, though.) Makes me really fearful of going.

  2. Linda

    Kay, I’ve tried ordering my produce online. It’s ok with most vegetables but not lettuce. So I go into a HyVee or a Fresh Thyme here for a short time to select produce and then go home. I order the other things online. I wear a mask, other customers wear masks and staff wears a mask. I do recommend going during senior hours if you qualify. There aren’t as many people.

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