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Artsy Transfers

Sometimes, I simply like to create something unexpected with a photograph. My favorite products for playing when I’m in one of these moods are Anna’s artsy transfers. I try not to make it too complicated, but I enjoy experimenting by combining a couple of different psd artsy transfers on one page. You wouldn’t think transfers from such different palettes would blend together, but they can.

I placed most of the layers of psd file 5 from ArtsyTransfers Notabilia.

Below those layers, I placed all of the layers of psd 5 from ArtsyTransfers Shine.

This is what the two look like combined.

To the white paint layer of the artsy transfer, I clipped an extraction of a flower to which I had applied a paint effect in Topaz Impression. I flipped that layer and placed it below.

To finish my page, I added a custom shadow to my flower extraction, the foliage from ArtPlay Palette Notabilia, splatters from Splatters No. 3 and several threads.




What I see as I look through my camera lens isn’t always what my artist side puts on a layout. Often, I don’t even know what a piece of art will look like until I begin experimenting. However, that’s the joy I find in creating, finding a different perspective than what I initially saw in my camera.

For this page, I began with a photo that I captured last week and file 4 of MultiLayered FotoBlendz No. 7. After working with my photo, I clipped copies to the different layers.

Next, I extracted the gates to the Victorian Garden from another photo and placed that over the first photo. While I liked the look, I didn’t think it looked as artsy as I wanted.

So I created a composite by pressing the keys command + option + shift + 6.

I turned off my composite temporarily and placed brush 1 from Cameras No. 4 on my page and changed the blend mode to linear burn.

I used the Elliptical Marquee tool to cut a copy of the center of the lens on the brush. I placed the copy just above the original and filled it in more with brushes.

I reduced the size of a copy of my composite and clipped it to the copy of the brush lens that I had created.

Next I clipped a larger copy of my composite to the original camera brush.

I placed brush 7 from Camera No. 4 below and clipped another linked copy of the photo to it. I placed one more copy of brush 1 on normal at 40% normal blend mode.

To emphasize the lens of the camera brush, I placed two threads from UrbanThreadz No. 14 and one from UrbanThreadz No. 3. I stamped some splatters from Splatters No. 1 on new blank layers and positioned them on a diagonal.

To finish my layout, I added a title and journaling explaining why I created this piece of art. I think it important for my family to know why I create from a different perspective at times.

Artsy Flowers

Although I am behind on the course content for one class, I couldn’t resist Anna’s newest class, ArtsyFlowers. I love photographing flowers and thought this course might be just the thing I needed to create my own multimedia artsy flowers for the fotoinspired pages I am creating for a book on flowers. I began viewing Anna’s video lessons with this specific photo open on a new blank document in Photoshop. As Anna demonstrated the process with her photo, I applied her techniques with brushes, transfers and textures using my photo. I learned that while my process involved more layers for my flower type, I could repeat with the same materials on the different petals. Basically, once I had a couple of petals done, I knew what to do to get the same look on the rest of them.

Below is what my finished multimedia flower looked like. It is a combination of materials provided by Anna for the course, as well as two other brushes, a transfer from ArtPlay Palette Vintage Summer, some artsy stains, threads from UrbanStitching Misc No. 1 and file 8 from UrbanStitchez No. 1. I also added a few splatters. Once I finished my artsy flower, I wanted to use it on a page.

I placed the layers of template 1 from Hipster Plume Template Album No. 1. I placed my flower over the fotoblendz mask and deleted it from the layers panel. I duplicated the photo twice and clipped it to the small frames, extracting the petals from one frame edge. I tacked down one frame with file 4 from UrbanThreadz No. 7.

I then began turning back on some of the template layers that were above the fotoblendz mask that I had deleted. I clipped the same transfer from ArtPlay Palette Vintage Summer or recolored the stains. I added a few splatters.

Finally, I rearranged the position of the stains that were below the fotoblendz mask and again clipped a copy of the coneflower photo or the same transfer from ArtPlay Palette Vintage Summer, moving them around to ensure nothing looked the same.

Not only did I love the course content for creating my own artsy flower, but I used one idea from the course for reshaping stains on the template to better fit with my needs. I will be using the course content again. In fact, I think I’m going to rework what I did with some pansies first. ArtsyFlowers is definitely worth the time to explore if you are into photographing flowers.

Water Play

We’re in Wisconsin Dells playing this week. The favorite today was the wave pool, even Kate went out to jump the waves. She and I held hands and floated on our backs together.

Kate sadly watched her brother and daddy ride down a tube slide. She wanted a turn. So I went down with Corbin, Daddy and Kate.

She loved it and went again with Corbin, Mommy and Daddy.

That helper was so kind letting me put my camera in her jacket so it wouldn’t get wet while I rode the tube slide with Kate.

Corbin and Kate played together in the kiddie play area, but Kate spent far more time in the wave pool. I think her swim lessons have given her a lot more confidence in the water.

One more capture to share, a pensive moment for Corbin. I hope to capture such a moment with each of my grandchildren this week.



I have some beautiful Sarah Bernhardt peonies blooming in my yard, but the variety growing at Lauritzen Gardens offered a far more spectacular show for a photography enthusiast like me. Peonies don’t bloom long, but I was able to capture these in the middle of May. Most of the photos included on this page are straight out of the camera.

The large photo on the left is my favorite; despite the mid afternoon sun, I love the bokeh in the background. I placed the photo on the left and placed 12×12 solid paper 1 from ArtPlay Palette Autumn Soul on the right.

Next, I added the layers of FotoInspired DoubleTemplate No. 69 and reduced the size about 15%.

I clipped my photos to the small frames and made adjustments on two photos.

To finish my page, I recolored layers from FotoInspired EdgeTemplates No. 1 and lace from Artsy Transfers Authentic.

Creating a flower book with these templates seems almost too easy, but I think it’s going to be beautiful when finished.

Bleeding Hearts

If you had asked me ten years ago the name of these flowers, Dicentra ‘Bleeding Hearts’, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you. I have tried to grow them, but they don’t seem to like my gardening style. I have a gardening philosophy that if a plant is too picky in my yard, it is promptly replaced. I am actually more familiar with the phrase “bleeding heart” in reference to labeling someone, i.e. myself. However, that idea didn’t come to me until I was ready to write the journaling for this page. I do think the flowers are beautiful. I captured these bleeding hearts in April while walking Lauritzen Gardens.

There is nothing quite like a template to simplify my process for creating a page. For this one, I used Artsy Layered Template No. 237. Sometimes, I turn off all the background layers and use just the frames for a page. In fact, I store most templates with only the frames, stains, and artstrokes visible on my hard drive. In this case, I turned off the frames to get a better idea of the background layers and how I might use them.

To each of the stains I clipped a copy of one photo to which I had first applied a basic filter in Topaz Studio in order to brighten it. I linked all the duplicated photo copies after I applied the filter to the original. I deleted a few of the template layers and added layer masks to blend out some edges. I placed solid paper 3 from ArtPlay Across the Miles at the bottom of the layers panel. I chose the green background because I thought the photo blended better into the background than it did on white. I do love white backgrounds, but sometimes the contrast in color makes the edges too harsh.

I clipped three photos showing details of the bleeding hearts to each of the small frames.

Finally, I added some stitched hearts from UrbanStitched Hearts No. 3 to balance the black in my title and journaling.

As I mentioned above, the content of my journaling didn’t come to me until I had finished the page. I don’t think I am excessive in the way that some might use the words “bleeding heart”, although I do hope to leave the world a better place for my grandchildren. Yes, I am a bleeding heart in the sense that I think it would be a shame not to be a good steward of all we’ve been given.

An Afternoon in a Garden

I walked in a peony garden with my camera and iPhone this afternoon. The light was a bit harsh, the wind was blowing and it was a tad hot, but I enjoyed every moment at Lauritzen Gardens. I discovered that what I couldn’t capture with my camera and a 60mm macro lens, I could capture with my phone and it’s wider lens angle.

My own peonies aren’t blooming yet and those at Lauritzen Gardens today were just beginning to bloom. So I will be returning in the next week to see what else is blooming.

I practiced filling my camera frame with a peony. This is a tip that I learned from a class, Creating Painterly Photographs. These photos are straight out of the camera.

There is a lovely pond area surrounded by benches. Its a beautiful site for just sitting. As I looked around for something different to photograph, I noticed the water bubbling. I think it’s going to make a wonderful texture to apply to another photo.

There is a small prairie in the middle of the botanical garden. Only one lonely plant was blooming. I am not sure yet whether I prefer the one with the path in the distance or the one surrounded only by the prairie grass.

Yes, I had a lovely afternoon with my camera!

Painterly Tulips

I returned to Lauritzen Gardens on Monday just to photograph the tulips. It was a beautiful morning, the weather was perfect: a cool 68°, blue skies and a light breeze.  Yes, it was a perfect day to enjoy myself with my camera. I don’t want to forget these beautiful tulips or a perfect morning.

However, as the number of photos for which I need to create pages increases, I know that I have to simplify my process if I am going to finish any pages. That’s why I chose this template from Artsy Template MultiPack No. 10. The template set is free with a $15 dollar purchase this weekend. I deleted a few layers, changed the opacity and blend modes of a few layers, otherwise this is the template as designed.

For my focal photo in the background, I created a composite using Topaz Labs plug-in Simplify. I duplicated my original photo twice and used a process that I described in an earlier post, More on a Painterly Look. I reduced the opacity of both layers adjusted in the plug-in, one at 50% and the other at 30%. I duplicated the three layers and then merged those together to create one new layer.

Next, I duplicated my new merged layer, linked it with the originals and clipped them to the different template layers, making adjustments as needed for my photo.

I clipped other photos to the small frames and made adjustments with a curves adjustment layer for each.

To balance the frames, I placed the psd layers of file 3 from MultiMedia Spring No. 1. I recolored the petals, reduced the opacity of some layers and changed the blend mode of others.

To finish my page, I added a button, splatters and threads. I placed my title and journaling as designed in Anna’s template.

I like it when a page comes together in a couple of hours, which is fairly fast for me. The hardest part was deciding which template worked best with my tulip photos. However, now I will remember these beautiful tulips.

On a Windy Day

Every photographer knows that wind makes it extremely difficult to capture flowers in focus. I spent a windy afternoon at Lauritzen Gardens today. I was able to capture a few daffodils with the focus sharp, i.e. this shot at 1/5000 sec, f/2.8 and ISO 400 with my 60mm macro lens. Even with that fast shutter speed, my photo appears a little soft.

So I decided to play with the double exposure feature that is available on my camera. Artistically, I think these shots play up the action of the wind this afternoon. I like the effect.

Double exposure worked with some pansies too.

Aside from flowers, I experimented with double exposure and garden decorations. I especially liked the way the ball looked in this photograph.

I think this old door took on interesting dimension when photographed via double exposure.

I’ll try this camera feature again, definitely when I’m out on a windy afternoon, but first, I plan to return one day this next week to capture the tulips that were just about ready to bloom. I’m hoping for a windless morning.

Painterly Look

Every spring, before any green appears, I buy a bowl of pansies. I love their colorful faces. For this photo, I first shot from a different angle and then tried something different with it based on something I learned in a photography class, Creating Painterly Photographs by Kathleen Clemens that I found at Creative Live.

Each of the photos that I layered were rotated just a little to give the photograph a bit of a soft painterly blur. Except for the original photo at the bottom, each of the layers above are at 30% opacity. I grouped all the layers and masked out parts with some AnnaBlendz Artsy brushes.

I placed a copy of the foliage from Artsy Palette Hygge within the group.

Next, I placed some layers from transfer 5 from Artsy Transfers Hygge. I recolored a few and clipped photos to two of the transfer layers.

Then I added gold paint and an overlay above solid paper 1 from ArtPlay Palette Hygge. I gave the overlay a light color overlay on color blend mode through the styles menu. Above the photo group, I placed another copy of the branch at 70% opacity.

For a bit of dimension, I added the tea charm and a thread from ButtonThreadz No. 2. Finally I added a title and bit of journaling to finish my page.

I enjoyed playing with a new idea for adding a painterly look to my photograph to create a simple layout remembering my early spring ritual. The instructor also covered using Lensbaby lens. The possibilities with those lenses were impressive, but I’m not ready to spend the money until I will research them more.

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